Terms and Conditions of Paris Snap GATCHY

Terms and Conditions of Paris Snap GATCHY

Article 1 【Purpose of the Contract】 This contract is for the service users to delegate the photographing business to the Paris Snap Values, and the value of art and design work with customers A contract application is an agreement that confirms the date, time, and place where a service user wants to use the service. The service user has received sufficient consultation about the service provided by Paris Snap Value and made an accurate understanding of the service.

Article 2 【Consent to Provide Information】 Paris Snap Values ​​may require information and data from service users to provide efficient services. The service user agrees to provide the information. Art & Design values ​​prohibit the use of the service user's information for any purpose other than the purpose of providing the service.

Article 3 【Deposits】 In principle, the deposit is 50% of the deposit, and the deposit is made within 24 hours after making a reservation on the website. The contract will be confirmed according to the down payment order. The deposit will be refunded if the reservation for the service user is delayed and the reservation cannot be confirmed and there is no alternative shooting time. Service users can receive a refund for the date specified on the website.

Article 4 【Nullity of Contracts】 The contract application is false or does not provide enough information to provide services (+ Article 2. Consent to Providing Information) In case the deposit deposit time is exceeded (+ See Article 3. Down payment) Based on the above, Paris Snap Value may withdraw the application for a contract, which means that Paris Snap Value and the contract with you have been invalidated.

Article 5 【Schedule Confirmation】 Paris Snap Value confirms the schedule agreement with the service user by confirming the service user's submission of the contract application and deposit, and confirming the date, time and place where the user wants to receive the service. The schedule change can be made free of charge once the rain is included. If you change the schedule from 2 times, an additional fee of 50,000 won will be generated.

The schedule change should be completed at least 24 hours before the shooting date. After the request for change, the shooting schedule will be decided after consultation with the photographer.

Article 6 【Establishment of a Contract】 If the information provided for the service and the down payment have been deposited, the shooting schedule is confirmed, This means that a direct service agreement is established between Paris Snap Value and you.

Article 7 【Destruction of Contracts】 -The value of Paris Snap may be terminated due to the fault of the service user. If the contract is canceled more than 15 days prior to the shooting date, the full refund will be refunded except for the penalty fee (30% of the down payment).

-If you are late on the day of shooting, up to 30 minutes will be allowed from the shooting start time.

-If you are late for more than 30 minutes, the price will not be refunded due to the contract breach caused by the customer's fault.

Article 8 【Penalty Fees】 If the contract is terminated due to your fault, a penalty will be incurred.

-70% refund will be given if the contract is canceled 15 days before the shooting date.

-50% refund is available if the contract is canceled up to 7 days before the shooting date.

-The deposit will not be refunded 7 days before the shooting date. -The contract will not be canceled for 5 days before the shooting date due to the customer's fault, and the shooting price will not be refunded.

Article 9 【Original Preservation】 Paris Snap Value retains data from service users for two months after being sent to the customer. The service user must back up the data after receiving the product, and can take necessary measures if the data is lost or there is a problem with the product within 2 months after receiving the product.

You can request the original file again up to 2 months from the shooting date. However, from 2 months after the shooting date, the original file is no longer provided.

Article 10 【correction work】

The calibration consists of GATCHY signature color correction and precision correction (body correction).

Color correction only corrects color, and precision correction further corrects human body after color correction.

Precision calibration is adjusted in three steps. Detail correction and wedding correction will incur additional charges.

Level 1 Color Correction-Signature Color

2nd level body correction-remove limbs, skin blemishes, natural body correction

3 levels of detail correction-It means detail correction such as face shaping, skin tone, tooth color and tattoo removal.

4th Step Wedding Correction-Wedding Dress Photoshoot

The correction file must be applied within one month of receiving the original file, and correction requests cannot be made after one month has passed.

The request for correction of the delivered photo can only be processed if the defective condition of the photo is clear even from a third party. In addition, a decision on amendment may only be requested within one week of receipt of the goods by the service user.

Article 11.【Compensation Regulations】 In accordance with the Consumer Damages Compensation Regulations, we will refund the total cost of shooting in the event of an accident due to the loss of the original photograph.

Over 50% of the shooting time will be eliminated and 100% of the shooting amount will be paid.

50% of the shooting time will be extinguished and 50% of the shooting amount will be paid. In addition, all matters caused by simple change of mind or unfavorable photographic style or problems such as shooting site (weather, natural disaster, unspecified event, accident, health of service user) are excluded from refund and other compensation.

Article 12.【Copyright and Portrait Rights】 All photographs taken are copyrighted by Art & Design, and the portrait rights of the service users are the rights of the service users. Paris Snap Value can post all photos of the product on its homepage (GATCHY.co.kr), blog, Instagram, etc., and can protect the portrait rights of the product upon customer's request.

※ All merchandise contracts of Paris Snap Value will be processed after confirming the agreement with these Terms and Conditions.

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